Daisy Midgeley Gets New Love Interest

Daisy Midgeley is a British TV personality and fashionista that has made the transition to social media and has a real presence on Instagram and Twitter, with over 200,000 followers to date. The 28-year-old has recently been linked to a man named Aiden O’Neill. O’Neill is a style blogger who has recently moved on from his previous life as a personal trainer. The link between the two arose last week when O’Neill posted a series of pictures of the couple on his Instagram page.

Daisy Midgeley is a 23 year old British actress that we’ve followed since she burst onto the scene with her role as “Girl from The Secret” last year. Since then, she’s starred in the movie “Chic” and impressed fans with a stunning performance in “The Other Boleyn Girl”. She’s a rising star that deserves more coverage than she’s getting, and there is no better place to tell her story.

As the title states, Daisy Midgeley has just been cast in the new movie “My God” which is about a young girl who wants to be an actor. This means that Daisy has to use the audition she was going to do for her new movie to get her boyfriend to go on a date with her. The new actor also has a few scenes with Daisy in the movie as well. I am so looking forward to watching this movie!

Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) had successfully wrested Ryan (Ryan Prescott) from his relationship with Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) when she disclosed to Alya that Ryan had made a pass on her while they were both intoxicated alone, despite the fact that it was she who had seduced a drunk Ryan.

Daisy and Ryan are now dating, but she’s not done with Alya’s emotions, and she’ll be shaking things up at Speed Daal in the following scenes.

Daisy orders a dinner at the restaurant and has Alya serve them, implying that they are now happily dating. Alya attempts to keep it together despite the fact that she is clearly wounded and humiliated, which makes Ryan uncomfortable.

When the minxy character critiques the meal and tells Alya that she and Ryan chose to pursue their connection as soon as Alya and him were over, the minxy character irritates Alya even more.

Ryan, on the other hand, isn’t having much fun with Daisy’s antics and hurries out of the restaurant, leaving Daisy with enough cash to pay for their meals. Daisy, on the other hand, has grown tired of him.

Ryan Prescott Still Has Feelings For Alya Nazir – Coronation Street Spoilers

Ryan gets offered a DJ job at a ski festival later next week, but Daisy is unhappy since he was assigned to the afternoon slot in the children’s tent.

She is even more dissatisfied with him after seeing how he apologizes to Alya when she visits the Rovers. Ryan brings up what occurred at Speed Daal, and Daisy is devastated to learn that Ryan hasn’t moved on from his ex.

But it seems that she’s eager to have some more fun with another man who thrill her with his newfound riches.

Gold Digger – Corrie Spoilers Daisy Midgeley Attempts To Win The Heart Of Daniel Osbourne

Next week, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) should be on the lookout, as Corrie reveals that the schemer will have a new love interest.

Everything begins when Daniel goes to the bar to buy a bottle of champagne. She’s eager to move on to her next victim after hearing Daniel’s riches and how his mother gave him a home.

Daisy’s memory of Ryan is erased by Daniel’s riches, and the villain seizes the opportunity to draw closer to Daniel.

She begins to seduce her new victim with praises, and Daniel seems to be having a good time.

But just as the two were about to enjoy another bottle of champagne, Ryan walks in and throws a wrench in the plans.

Todd Grimshaw is fighting for his life after a hit-and-run accident on Coronation Street.

Daisy is irritated that Daniel is forced to leave the bar due to a lost chance.

Charlotte stated in a prior interview with the press that she believes her character treats men like toys.

“At the moment, she’s definitely not receiving the attention she wants since everyone on the street is fairly loved up – so she’s probably bored on that front. Daisy being bored, in my opinion, can only indicate trouble,” she said.

Does this imply Daisy and Ryan are no longer together? Is Daniel the next willing victim for her?

Make sure you’re up to date on everything that’s going on with Corrie right now. Return to this page often for the latest Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates.

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