Steve Discovers Tracy Having An Affair With Dev Alahan

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Steve had been going through a tough time, and it reached a stage where he was eating nearly nothing but junk food. He was at his absolute wits end, and decided to see his friend Tracy, who was a fitness enthusiast. Steve knew that Tracy would be able to help him lose weight, so he contacted him through his personal blog on

Coronation Street: Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson)Steve McDonald is about to face Dev Alahan after learning that the two have been exchanging texts, according to Coronation Street spoilers.

In a hilarious turn of events, taxi driver Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) is convinced that his wife is having an affair with Dev (Jimmi Harkishin).

The ITV drama examines more of Aadi Alahan’s (Adam Hussain) romance plotline, which causes tension in Weatherfield, in forthcoming episodes early next week.

It all begins when Aadi develops feelings for Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby), despite the fact that Corrie viewers are aware of his lack of experience with women.

When Aadi approaches his father Dev for advice on how to win a girl’s heart, Dev advises him to just confess to her.

Still unsure of what to do, Aadi confides in Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney), who is delighted and promises to assist him.

Tracy Barlow Gets The Wrong Idea – Coronation Street Spoilers

The trouble begins, though, when Amy’s mother, Tracy, notices the two enjoying one other’s company and suspects they are dating.

Tracy didn’t believe Amy when she claimed there was nothing going on between them, despite Amy’s assurances.

Dev prepares a “date hamper” for Aadi and his date after he informs his father that the lady he loves has accepted his date invitation.

Tracy feels more persuaded that her suspicions regarding Aadi and Amy were correct after seeing what Dev is up to. Tracy informs Dev that Amy is the girl Aadi has been alluding to all along.

They agree not to inform Steve about Aadi and Amy’s growing connection, thinking that this is why they kept it hidden from everyone from the beginning.

When Steve reads Dev’s message on Tracy’s phone, he falls prey to Tracy and Dev’s preconceptions.

As Steve approaches Dev furiously on the cobblestones, Dev is in for a fight.

What would Aadi do in this situation? Will this put pressure on him to admit he prefers Summer instead?

Summer Spellman Is Caught In The Middle Of The Mess On Coronation Street Spoilers

Corrie fans will finally see Aadi take a chance in love next week when he summons the guts to ask Summer out.

Summer is concerned that she has gained weight and will spoil the appearance of her bridesmaid dress when she puts it on. Aadi, on the other hand, arrives to give her some diabetic-friendly cookies and congratulate her on her outfit.

In a lighthearted moment, Aadi admits that if anything happened to her, he’d miss her, to which she responds that she, too, would react in the same manner.

Aadi runs outdoors because he can’t control his pleasure and doesn’t know how to conceal it.

Kelly Neelan Shares Horrific Childhood Experience @soapoperaspy Coronation Street Spoilers: Kelly Neelan Shares Horrific Childhood Experience #CoronationStreet #Corrie

July 28, 2024 — SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy)

Later, Aadi finally asks Summer on a date, and Summer, unexpectedly, advises them to make plans since it is their first.

When Aadi, Summer, and Amy watch Steve confronting Dev about the texts he saw on Tracy’s phone, it seems like their relationship is doomed from the start.

Is there any way for Aadi to make amends with Summer?

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