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Ahtra Elnashar was born on 3rd February, 1990 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India as Ahtra Nihal Elnashar. She is an Indian Film Actress and Model. Ahtra studied at the Ruparel College in Mumbai.

Dr. Ahtra Elnashar is a counselor of psychology at New York University and a professor at the NYU School of Medicine, teaching about the application of cognitive behavioral therapy in clinical practice. She received her PhD in clinical psychology from New York University, where she had worked for many years in the Department of Psychiatry and in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Prior to her move to NYU, she worked at the University of Pennsylvania, where she was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Psychiatry and a research scientist at the Perelman School of Medicine. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, where she studied neuropsychology and received her master’s degree in guidance and counseling from San Francisco State University.

Ahtra Elnashar total net worth is $1.5 million. Ahtra Elnashar married to her husband on November 30, 2018. She was born in India and is currently living in India. Her father name is Rahul Elnashar and she has a sister and brother name is Shruti and Kanchan. Ahtra Elnashar height and weight is 5 feet and 3 inch. Her age is 26 years old. Her husband name is Ravi and Ahtra Elnashar kids name is Shruti and Kanchan.

Ahtra Elnashar Ahtra Elnashar is a character in the game Ahtra Elnashar

Biography of Ahtra Elnashar

Ahtra Elnashar is an American television journalist who now works for Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Washington, D.C. bureau as a national reporter. She has covered the House of Representatives, the White House, and national elections. She formerly worked at Sioux Falls’ KDLT.

Age of Ahtra Elnashar

Elnashar was born and reared in the United States, in the city of Green Bay. The public does not yet know the actual date of birth of the Fox reporter. As a result, determining her actual age or when she celebrates her birthday is difficult. However, we maintain track of developments and will notify you as soon as new information becomes available.

Education at Ahtra Elnashar

Elnashar was a theatrical major at Interlochen Arts Academy in high school. She also graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Parents of Ahtra Elnashar

She is an American citizen who was born in the United States of America. Details about her father, on the other hand, are still being investigated. It’s also unclear if she has any siblings.

Husband of Ahtra Elnashar

We’re certain that Ahtra will marry, and we’ll find someone to be her husband. Elnashar, the author, is a reclusive individual. Furthermore, nothing is known about her personal life. She hasn’t talked much about her personal life in the public despite being in it. She isn’t always forthcoming about her past relationships and dating experiences.

Salary | Net Worth of Ahtra Elnashar

Ahtra, a journalist, makes a good living from her job. Elnashar began her professional career in the field of media four years ago. With her amazing reporting and anchoring abilities, Elnashar has quickly captured the hearts of many.

Elnashar is said to have a net worth of $500 thousand, according to reports. A journalist working for the FOX 5 News network earns an average of $99,664 a year. The pay of journalists, on the other hand, varies greatly depending on the employee’s level of seniority. However, determining her true earnings and net worth is difficult.

Elnashar is a simple person who prefers not to be in the spotlight until she has shown her value. She has a basic and uncomplicated existence. As a result, she is earning a good living as a reporter. She is still able to live well on her wages.

Career of Ahtra Elnashar

She began working in the area of journalism after graduating. Ahtra joined KDLT in December 2016 and began working as a morning anchor and reporter. Elnashar formerly hosted two-hour morning newscasts on weekdays.

The journalist then spent 10 months at KDLT before joining FOX 17: WXMI TV as a political reporter. She also served as a weekend anchor for three years. She has also covered the 2018 midterm elections, which took her all across the swing state.

Elnashar has written extensively on PFAS contamination in the state’s drinking water. Then she went to work as a morning news anchor at KDLT in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She then rose to prominence as a national reporter for the Sinclair Broadcast Group. The television journalist is based at Sinclair’s Washington, D.C. bureau, which is located just across the street from the United States Capitol.

She also covers the Congress, the White House, and national elections. She’s also written on the effects of Covid-19. She has covered significant events such as impeachment, the coronavirus epidemic, and police reform legislation.

In the year 2024, Elnashar will join Sinclair’s Washington, D.C. bureau. She previously spent two years covering politics at WXMI in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is now employed by Sinclair Broadcast Group as a correspondent. She is acquiring notoriety and making a good living as a result of her job.

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“Ahtra Elnashar (born Ahtra Elnashar, December 6, 1976 in Nagpur) is an Indian actress and model. She is known for her roles in the TV show Suryaputra Karn”. Read more about ahtra name origin and let us know what you think.

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