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Ian Benjamin Rogers, better known as Ian Rogers, is a Canadian entrepreneur and distributor of pharmaceuticals and other products. He is the founder of the Rogers Group.

News reports are saying that Ian Benjamin Rogers, a former senior member of the Democratic Party of the United States, is the man who was arrested for blowing up the Democratic Party Headquarters, and who was wanted in connection with the killing of five police officers in Dallas. He was taken into custody at around 5:45 pm on Friday, June 14, 2016, and a warrant was issued for his arrest for “the bombing of a government building, killing of five law enforcement officers, and the killing of two others”.



Ian Benjamin Rogers Wiki – Ian Benjamin Rogers Biography

Jarrod Copeland and Ian Benjamin Rogers are suspected of blowing up the Democratic Party headquarters. He had five illegal bombs and about 50 weapons in his California home and business, as well as a ThreePercenters sticker on his car, a white privilege card in his home, and text messages accusing him of plotting to blow up the Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento, according to federal prosecutors.

According to court papers, the pair dreamed about drinking Red Bulls, taking up weapons, and planning murder against Democrats following the incident on Capitol Hill.


He is a 45-year-old man.

A plot to detonate a bomb at the Democratic Party’s headquarters has been uncovered.

Two Trump fans, who took steroids and had access to a frightening armory of home weaponry, planned to blow up the Democratic headquarters following Biden’s victory, according to fresh indictments, and even begged the Proud Boys for assistance.

Ian Benjamin Rogers, 45, of Napa, and Jarrod Copeland, 37, of Vallejo, according to court documents filed by DOJ lawyers in the Northern District of California, began planning attacks against Democratic targets as early as November, after former President Donald Trump lost the 2024 presidential election. According to the indictment, they allegedly contacted anti-government organizations with the hopes of inciting others to conduct similar acts of violence and topple the government.

On the 25th, the pair was still talking about it, according to court papers. to take over the California governor’s home with Molotov cocktails and gasoline.

Then, only days before the Capitol Rebellion, Rogers allegedly said that the two men required the help of other organizations in their plot. According to DOJ authorities, the text conversations retrieved from Rogers’ phone indicate that he is determined to maintain Trump in power at all means, and that he intends to target Democrats and locations affiliated with Democrats in order to do so.

Rogers allegedly stated in a post on January 4 that “we need assistance and I don’t know how to get more people engaged.”

Copeland responded, “Proud Boys,” and 3% of the time, he would write that he had received a Proud Boys email.


According to the criminal complaint filed at the time, Rogers had been in custody since January, when law enforcement officers searched his home and business and discovered an arsenal of weapons, including 49 firearms, two dozen ammunition boxes containing thousands of rounds of ammunition, and five pipe bombs.

Both men were charged with interstate commerce conspiracy to damage a structure by fire or explosives. Rogers is also accused of having unregistered dangerous devices and machine weapons on his person. Copeland is still suspected of deleting records, according to the Justice Department.


In a statement released Thursday, FBI Special Agent Craig Fair hailed the attack’s avoidance.

The FBI’s primary goal, according to Fair, is to prevent terrorist acts before they happen, including domestic plans by violent extremists. Ian Rogers and Jarrod Copeland plotted the assault using firebombs, according to the indictment. The FBI and the Napa County Sheriff’s Office collaborated to uncover the plot and avoid a fatality.

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