3 Famous Celebrities Who Have a Passion for Gambling

Celebrities are, at the end of the day, still regular people with regular interests and passions. They all want to have fun, they want to play a game, and they want to experiment with their luck. There are more than a few dozen famous people who want to visit a casino and spend some time there hoping to make some profits. Here, we are going to list some famous celebrities who have a passion for gambling, and we will tell you what they prefer to bet their money on, and how good they are with these games.

1. George Clooney


The first person we are going to talk about is known everywhere in the world, and Clooney has been known as the person who every woman loves. Even though he is devoted to his career, he tries to find time for his passions, and gambling is definitely one of them.

George has been known to host parties along with his coworker and friend, Brad Pitt, and his favorite game is poker. Clooney is one of the people who are not afraid to go all-in and he is said to be like this in all aspects of his life. There was even a plan for a Vegas project that Clooney was a part of, and he wanted to build his own casino. Even though this project hasn’t yet happened, we are waiting to see if we can one day gamble in George’s casino.

2. Matt Damon


This celebrity is loved by millions of people, and someone you would not believe that actually loves to gamble. Despite his innocent look, Matt Damon actually is a master of poker and blackjack, and people around him that it would be difficult for anyone to win a game against Damon.

Even though there are not too many public details on how often he does this, it is said that Matt is a professional player, and he does not play poker just for fun. He’s been a part of many official tournaments, but when it comes to his private choices, we still have a lot to learn about his habits.

He’s been interested in not only the land-based casinos but he’s been a part of many online tournaments, especially since the pandemic started.

On websites like, you can see that you don’t have to be a celebrity to access these games, and you can pick your favorite one depending on your preferences and habits.

3. Tobey Maguire


The last person we are going to talk about is the person who got famous for his role in the Spiderman trilogy, and Tobey is a well-established actor that knows how to bluff when playing a game of poker.

It is said that poker was his favorite casino play ever since he was a teenager, and he still hasn’t given up on playing this game with his friends, or even some strangers that are not afraid to bet their money against him. He’s been a part of many celebrities’ private games, and the rumors are, he is not afraid to continue even after he’s lost a lot.

These are some of the people who are rich, famous and have a passion for gambling. Some manage to become part of huge tournaments and let the world see their skills, while others want to keep this interest private and attend only specific gatherings far from the peering eye of the public.

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