About us


We are creating the largest collection of charming celebrities and famous people from all over the world. We want to find out about their beauty secrets and show people the most brilliant photos of them.

Celebs images

As you can observe, instead of simply digging into the skincare products they use, their special diet, and sport exercises, we want to go further and observe if any of these people actually had plastic surgery or not.

Celebrity images

We do this by collecting photographic evidence of their before and after photos. We analyze pictures based on their past and present looks and then compare different features on their faces and figure. And when we find anything inconsistent or unnatural, we’ll post it and then let our readers make a decision.

Why should people believe us?

Unlike celebrity plastic surgeons who give only expert value after being shown a picture or two by a gossip magazine, we know it takes a lot more than that to make an assumption.

Actually, it takes over 200s of pictures and video analysis, and many hours of careful work before we could find any truthful photographic and video evidence of the celebrity we describe.

We disсommend rumors

Most entertainment websites create gossips. At Celebritystylelife we prefer to use our expertise to disapprove rumors and speculations and show our readers the most truthful photos and videos.

We never try to heat up rumors or unproved data.